If only employers had the ability to provide employees with the best health practices and benefits, while also experiencing optimal tax savings and increased employee retention. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore. Live Well Health Strategy Advisors is comprised of experts with years of experience in corporate health programs, HSA’s, creative health benefits, voluntary employee beneficiary association (VEBA Trust), and more.

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Our combined knowledge and expertise allows our Live Well health program options to provide a comprehensive preventive health plan to employees that provides optimal advantages, while simultaneously adding value for employers. Employers shouldn’t have to choose employee well-being over cost savings (or vice versa). The 3 Pillars of our program provide everyone in your company an opportunity to achieve the maximum savings, security, and health benefits, so you not only live well but live to your fullest.

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Live to the Fullest

Employer Benefits And Incredible Tax Savings

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Live Healthier
Much More Than a Preventive Health Plan

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Live with Security

Benefits that Offer Security for Employer and Employee

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Live to the Fullest

Employer Benefits And Incredible Tax Savings

By instilling confident leadership in employers, empowering them with the tools to take care of their employees, it builds confidence in employee leadership. With that said, would you take advantage of a benefit plan if you knew it would save you and your employees money? Of course!

Our Livewell Preventive Health program offers pre-tax benefits to employers and benefits employees by reducing taxes on their salaries. In a time when healthcare deductibles are skyrocketing, upwards of $5,000-plus, Live Well’s executive team offers employer benefits that go beyond just being cost-effective for employers, these benefits are conducive and advantageous to the ‘everyday employee’.


Live Healthier

Much More Than a Preventive Health Plan

The term ‘preventive health program’ or even ‘corporate health program’ leaves room for wide interpretation. At Live Well, we don’t subscribe to ambiguity. As an employer, you need to know precisely what’s required to empower your employees with the necessary tools to obtain and maintain a healthy, productive and cost-effective workplace. Here is exactly how we help you to make it happen:

A comprehensive, creative health plan that includes:

  • Biometric Screenings and Physicians Results Forum – enables employers to collect real-time employee health data and analytics
  • Know Your Number – a fully-integrative health-risk assessment tool to help employees visually identify risks for the most commonly-identified modifiable chronic diseases
  • Health Coaching – allows employees onsite, telephonic and electronic one-on-one private and confidential health coaching sessions to keep them informed and accountable for their health
  • Incentive Management – custom designed incentive programs (including wellness challenges, contests and prizes) to increase employee engagement and participation
  • Health Portal – (including smartphone app!) – employees gain access to a pedometer program, weekly grocery and recipe lists, company calendar and more. Employers can track data, pull reports and monitor employee participation – anytime, anywhere.

Live with Security

Benefits that Offer Security for Employer and Employee

Imagine, in addition to offering pre-tax benefits, also including a plan option that provides a living benefit for all participants (ages 65 and older) with a 3% guarantee. Or, refunded premiums if no accidents occur. Our Live Well clients no longer have to simply dream about providing comprehensive security for their employees. Our custom designed benefits options also offer:

  • Gap – reduction of out-of-pocket expense to meet a current medical deductible, including confinement, outpatient surgery, doctors visit, hospitalization (daily benefit) and emergency visits.
  • Accident – 24-hour coverage on or off the job, including facility and treatment benefits, fully paid benefits, cash value option* and much more (based on the type of occurrence)
  • Hospital Indemnity – includes confinement, outpatient surgery, doctors visit and emergency care (even emergency travel!)
  • Critical Illness – lump some coverage from 5K to 100K with recurrence and cash value options* and more.
  • Whole Life – 3% guaranteed interest rate; Living benefit rider that works as permanent life protection for the employee and his/her family members (up to age 95). In the event a chronic illness is identified and certified, the living benefit rider acts as an accelerated death benefit
    – no waiting period to financial access for a lump sum or monthly percentage (depending on how many
    years coverage has been active). If a condition renders an individual unable to perform daily living practices,
    he or she can have the security needed and deserved.

Our pillars are designed to provide employees with the best possible outcome when it comes to overall health and wellness, while reducing workplace absenteeism, limiting expensive health care costs and improving employee morale.

If you’re ready to redefine the health of your corporate culture, we’re here to help. Learn more about the Live Well promise. Witness the added value of a full life, leadership and security for you and your employees. Call us now at 806-799-1099.


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